Self Defense 12 ga SCHP


12 ga, 2 3/4″, Self Defense, Expanding Slug, Maker Solid Copper HP, 5 rd box

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The Team Never Quit 1 oz shotgun slug ammo utilizes the Maker Bullets 1 oz  expanding solid copper slug.  The slug is designed to perform optimally at home defense distances with smooth bore shotguns and up to 100 yards with rifled slug barrels with up to 3X expansion and nearly 100% weight retention.  The slug will penetrate hard barriers as well as soft targets.  In soft targets, the slug will not over penetrate like traditional lead slugs.

Muzzle Velocity:     1270 fps

Muzzle Energy:        1684 ft lbs


“The Best Home Defense Shotgun Round On The Market, period!” Tom – CEO Wingspan Outfitters


Check out the expansion of this slug from the images in the product gallery.  Also look at the penetration of the slug into Clear Ballistics Gel.  12″ of penetration and massive cavitation!


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